Saturday, February 25, 2006


Start time: 11:00
Place: San Vidal Church
Organizer: C.C.I.
Late morning with classical baroque Venetian music with the ensemble “Interpreti Veneziani” just in Santo Stefano Square at the San Vidal church with a cocktail before the concert: the best way to start the most crazy day of the Carnival. Dress Code: costume or formal dress.
Partecipation costs: Euro 80


Start time: 12:00
Place: Campo San Maurizio 2674
Organizer: Compagnia de Calza “I Antichi”
Presentazione dei volumi di Roberto Bianchin e Luca Colferai. I Antichi Editori, nuova edizione. In collaborazione con l’Accademia degli Acquavitai.
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 15:00
Place: Piazzetta San Marco – Palchetto di Commedia dell’Arte
Compagnia Venezia in Scena
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 15:30
Organizer: Associazione Internazionale per il Carnevale di Venezia
Water Parade on the gondolas in costume all along the Grand Canal ending at the Casinò Cà Vendramin Calergi, for a concert of the maestro ENRIKE PERES DEGUSMAN.
After the concert there will be a cocktail in an elegant and sophisticated dècor.
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 16:00
Place: Piazza San Marco
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 16:00
Place: Gazebo Piazza San Marco
Opera da Camera di Venezia
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 17:00
Place: Piazzetta San Marco – Palchetto di Commedia dell’Arte
Compagnia Glossateatro
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 19:00
Place: Calle Vallaresso
Organizer: C.C.I.
Meeting point at San Marco – calle Vallaresso (just in front the Harris Bar) to start a 30′ gondola tour in costume ending with dinner in a popular Venetian restaurant.
A Venetian tradition to celebrate Carnival, spending a lively evening with friends and meeting new ones. Dress Code: costume.

Partecipation costs: Euro 160

Il Ballo del Doge

Start time: 20:30
Place: Palazzo Pisani Moretta
Organizer: Antonia Sautter
Amongst the most famous and exclusive events in the world, this masked ball is considered by the international press as the highest expression of the Venetian Baroque. Framed by Palazzo Pisani Moretta, organised with love and care by Antonia Sautter, renowned costume designer of Atelier Venetia, the guests of Il Ballo del Doge need leave nothing to their imaginations. In collaboration with directors, set designers, artists and famed chefs, the dinner and incredible entertainment are an experience for each of the senses, an event which everyone should attend at least once in a lifetime.
Dress code: Historic Costume +39 041 522 4426

Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 21:00
Place: Hotel Danieli
Organizer: C.C.I.
This hotel is synonymous with the splendor and romance of Venice. A masterfully restored palace, the Danieli is mere a few steps from Piazza S. Marco. Designed in the late fourteenth century to meet the demands of Europe’s travelling nobility, the Danieli continues to set the standard for hospitality at its best. The Danieli has for generations been the hotel preferred by the discerning visitor to Venice, the favourite town of the Romantic artists in the 19th Century. Like them you will be received in a luxurious way by actors, acrobats, dancers and a classical orchestra. Enjoy a top dinner as only here you can find. Dress Code: historical costume.
Partecipation costs: Euro 390

W. Amadeus Mozart “The Marriage of Figaro”

Start time: 21:00
Place: Ca’ Zanardi
Organizer: Incentive Harmony di Nicolas & Jeanne-Bénédicte Arnita
Palazzo Zanardi 16th century, the refined atmosphere of its elegant rooms enlighten with candlelight, master of ceremony , TWO BANDS , CLASSICAL & MODERN will be entertaining the guests.
9:00 pm welcome cocktail & Baroque Quartet
11.30 pm “THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO”, the famous humoristic opera of the prodigy Mozart in which Figaro, personal waiter of the Almaviva earl, is marring Susanna, the waitress of the countess, but the earl want to conquer Susanna between plots, intrigues, gallant meeting and unforeseen events.
The Ball will continue with live music until dawn.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for rental of costume and for transfer by gondola. The palace is accessible by its water door on the canal Santa Caterina.
Dresscode: Costume & Mask
Organized by Nicolas & Jeanne- Bénédicte Arnita
To visit and for rent the palace
To visit our agency

Information: Ca’ Zanardi – Calle Zanardi – Cannaregio 4132 – 30121 Venice – Italy
Tel. +39 041 2410220 Fax +39 041 5237716

Partecipation costs: Euro 275

“The Magic Flute or the Magic of a Venice-Night with Mozart”

Start time: 21:00
Place: Venezia – Palazzo Albrizzi, Cannaregio 4118
Organizer: ACIT Venezia
Gala Dinner and Masked Ball
Place: Palazzo Albrizzi, Cannaregio 4118, Venice

The frivolities and affectedness of an age as the 18th Century are coming to new life in the Grand Gala opening the Carnival season at Palazzo Albrizzi. Love games are interlaced with dances of the ballet “Les Petits Riens” with music by Mozart, choreography by Clara Santoni.
Ladies and gentlemen in elegant historical costumes will be able to enjoy, in turn, the pleasure of ballet and mouth-watering delicacies: the guests will be comfortably seated at candlelight tables before slipping into the carrousel of gavottes, minuets, and contradances under the graceful guidance of the incomparable Maître de Danse who was recently hired with her dancers for the ballet scene in the Disney-Buena Vista film “Casanova”. The sumptuous 18th Century salons of the Palazzo create a marvellous setting for this event, reinforced by Quartetto Barocco’s period performances of the music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Boccherini. As special guests the soprano Julija Kramar and the baritone Paolo Rumetz, accompanied on piano by Sabina Arru, who will interprete Arias of Mozartian repertoire like “Magic Flute”, “Don Juan”, “Così fan tutte”.
Britta von Loyewski, the famous presenter of the German Television, will entertain the guests.

Saturday , February 25th
Beginning: 9:00 pm.
Place: Palazzo Albrizzi, near the vaporetto-station Ca’ D’Oro
Promoter: ACIT onlus Venezia
Gala Dinner and Masked Ball
Baroque Quartette: Music by W. A. Mozart, A. Vivaldi, L. Boccherini
Ballet: “Les petits Riens”, Music by W. A. Mozart (Paris 1778) with Ballet’s Academy of Venice
Choreography: Clara Santoni
Special appearance: Julija Kramer, soprano & Paolo Rumetz, baritone with Sabina Arru on the piano, performing Arias by W. A. Mozart of “The Magic Flute”, “Don Juan”, “Così fan tutte”.
Scenes of “Papageno”: Silhouettes by Lotte Reiniger
Grand Ball: Polonaises, Gavottes, Menuets, Contredances guided by the Maître de Danse Clara Santoni
Art director: Nevia Capello
Britta von Loyewski, the famous presenter of the German Television will entertain the guests
Gala dinner: candlelight and welcome-aperitif
Menu: La Dogaressa Gourmet Service
Costumes: Nicolao Atelier ­ Atelier Pietro Longhi
Dress Code: historical costumes
The loveliest costume will receive a prize, especially if it represents a Mozartian character.
Disguise yourself! Guests without costume will be judged by the Carnival Court.
Cotillons for ladies, prizes and surprises for all the guests
Possible slight variations in our programme will not affect the quality and value of the shows.

The membership card: fee euro 258,00 valid for the year 2006, admits to ACIT cultural events.
Info. ACIT onlus, Cannaregio 4118 ­ Phone: +39 041 5232544
­ Fax: +39 041 5245275, e-mail: ­ website:
Partecipation costs: Euro 258,00 membership


Start time: 21:00
Place: Piazza San Marco
La più famosa Big Band del momento
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 21:00
Place: Campo San Maurizio
Organizer: Compagnia de Calza “I Antichi”
Premio speciale Mario Stefani
Conduce: Colo de Fero. Con la partecipazione di Bob R. White e Donna Lucrezia.
In collaborazione con: Distillerie Bottega
Partecipation costs: Free