Wong Ka Long

1998 His work The Woman Body In Daylight won the first prize and scholarship at the sketches Exhibition of the Guangzhou Art Institute.
1999 Joint exhibition Three Kinds of Symbols was held at the gallery of the Macau Tourism Office with two young artists from Hong Kong and Malaysia.
His works The Sisters from Plateau and The Wasteland were exhibited for the IX National Art Exhibition.
His bronze sculpture Portuguese Poet Camões was inaugurated by Rocha Vieira, the ex-governor of Macau and was stood at the Carmõ Church Garden, Taipa, Macao.
2000 He graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree of Sculpture and continued his Master’s degree of Art
2002 He was invited to make the bronze sculpture Nightingale for the Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau.
He was invited to join the 2002 International Cerograph Exhibition of Ubon Ratchathani of Thailand.
His sculpture Eradicate the Old yet not Foster the New won the championship of the sculpture group of the Art Competition of the Hong Kong Philippe Charriol Foundation.
2003 He graduated with his Master’s degree at Guangzhou Fine Art Academy.
Joint Exhibition Symphony of Portraits 3+1 with Macao Artist Society, was held at Macao Millennium Gallery.
Sculpture Exhibition Between the truth and Creation by Macao Sculpture association was held.
2004 Set up Art Brut Macau.
His sketch work A Record about Spirit was exhibited at Macao Painting Joint Exhibition.
2005 Set up Macau Visual Arts Student Zone to reinforce Macanese’s awareness of art education.
Andersen Wall-Painting Workshop was conducted with the support of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of Macau SAR.
BOSCO Graffity Workshop was conducted with the support of BOSCO Youth Village.
Sketch work Medicine Master Buddha was exhibited at Macau Painting Joint Exhibition.
Video Art CAPRICA was played at Macao Annual Art Exhibition.


Shuang Xi – The sculpture is an ancient Chinese pattern. People call it “Shuang Xi” in Mandarin.  The pattern is the major decoration to traditional Chinese wedding banquet and it symbolizes double blessing to the bridegroom and bride. Nowadays, as our lifestyle and culture is changing rapidly, it gives tremendous impact to traditional Chinese marriage concept. After all, how does the ideal marriage look like in our inner world now? Today, as “Shuang Xi” is exhibited on the land of Venice Lido, I would like to send my heartfelt blessing to all couples all over the world. 

To my beloved wife Kelly Kuan.

Ka Long, WONG