Golden Lion

The Golden Lion is the highest award given out at the Venice Film Festival, lagoon film review born in 1932.

This awards has carried this name only since 1954; previously, it was known as the Lion of San Marco (from 1949 to 1953) and, before that, (in 1947 and 1948) as the Venice International Award.

Until 1942, the highest award of the festival was the Mussolini Cup, obviously named for the burning propagandist political climate of the age, which was awarded to the best Italian film as well as the best foreign film.

Recently, the Golden Lion for Career Achievement, was also instituted.

Golden Lion for Best Film

The list of award winners of the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion boasts illustrious names from cinema history. With regard to the "holes" in the list, some editions of the festival were not held, for various reasons, while others...

Golden Lion for Career Achievement

The Golden Lion for Career Achievement is an award given out at the Venice Film Festival to people in the world of film who stand out in the field of cinema because of their body of work in this art. It stands side-by-side with the Golden Lion, and...