The Best of… Il Ballo del Doge 2015 “Theatre of Dreams”

7 February 2015 20:30to8 February 2015 03:00

For her love for the splendor of Venice and from her personal search for beauty, Antonia Sautter gives life to the International Carnival Gala, which, for over twenty years, has been this Venetian designer’s flagship.

Il Ballo del Doge is an artistic event, a mundane appointment, an unforgettable experience that unites Guests coming from all corners of the earth.

This fantastic production transcends from a simple party to becoming a real international happening, celebrated by VIP, celebrities and by all those hunting for dreams.

The Best of… Il Ballo del Doge 2015 “Theatre of Dreams”

“the Best of… Il Ballo del Doge” is entitled “Theatre of Dreams” this year and is the great event that opens Carnival in Venice Saturday 7 February 2015, spectacular moment to relive the emotions of over twenty years of history of the famous Masquerade Ball produced by Antonia Sautter.

A party during which the most spectacular performances from the 21 past editions of Il Ballo del Doge are reproposed, in an emotional crescendo of breathtaking exhibitions.

“the Best of… Il Ballo del Doge” will make you relive in one night the dreams from Il Ballo del Doge.

After the Welcome Cocktail a place’ dinner will be held on the first noble floor of the palace. Following sensational shows and artistic performances on the central salon of the first floor, from midnight on at the ground floor a disco will be open with two open bars available for Guests until the end of the evening.



Guests can choose among two types of entries:

1. VIP ENTRY (1.000,00 Euro per person)

  • Entrance to Palazzo Pisani Moretta 8:30 pm
  • Welcome Cocktail
  • Place’ dinner on the first floor of the Palace
  • View of the great show in the central salon on the first floor
  • Disco from 00:30 am on the ground floor
  • Open bar

2. AFTER DINNER ENTRY (500,00 Euro per person)

  • Entrance to Palazzo Pisani Moretta 11:30 pm
  • Welcome Cocktail
  • All the different rooms and salons of the Palace will be open
  • Disco from 00:30 am on the ground floor
  • Open bar

The opening of the doors in Palazzo Pisani Moretta will take place at 20.30 precisely. You are kindly advised to respect the timetable indicated in order to avoid unpleasant waiting.

Dress Code and Costumes

Il Ballo del Doge 2014

For the Best of… Il Ballo del Doge period costume is the obligatory dress code. Therefore evening dresses and tuxedos are not allowed.

In Atelier Antonia Sautter you have the possibility of admiring more than 1500 Haute Couture costumes with collections which range from Medieval times up to the 20s in the XX century completely ‘revisited’ by Antonia Sautter’s creativity and fantasy. The spectacular costumes that each year are created by the designer herself for Il Ballo del Doge, they are “unique pieces” with “period style Haute Couture” realized and decorated totally by hand with rich trimmings, Swarovski crystals, ribbons and precious fabrics.

These costumes can be rented or purchased by booking by email to or by fax to the number +39 041 5220307 or by calling +39 0412413802. During Carnival period costume fittings will take place in Atelier Antonia Sautter situated in San Marco, Calle Del Carro 1628 or in the Hotel Bauer (Sala Cesetti on the First Floor), where a second Atelier will be set up for this occasion.
Costume fittings can be held at any time during the year in Atelier Antonia Sautter, which, in that case, will be entirely reserved for the Guest.

It is necessary to communicate your arrival dates to us so we can find a time that works best for you. For this occasion besides the Atelier Antonia Sautter another Atelier will be set up on the first floor of the Hotel Bauer. You are informed that costume fittings can be booked during the year so as to avoid overflow during the days of Carnival.

All hired costumes can be collected and delivered back either by clients or by booking a delivery service. (See Section ‘Extra services’).

The cost of the costume varies on how precious the garment is.


For information regarding, Entrance to Events & Costume Fitting and Rental in Atelier Antonia Sautter:
Antonia Sautter Creations & Events
San Marco 1286
30124 Venezia
Ph. Office & Atelier +39 041 2413802 (Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00)
Fax Ufficio & Atelier + 39 041 5220307
Ph. boutique + 39 041 5224426 (everyday from 10:00 to 20:00)
Fax boutique + 39 041 5287543

Do you need more info about the event? Contact the event organizer: .