15 February 2015

meeting point calle Vallaresso

Sunday 15 February @ 7 p.m.

The real Venice can be seen from the water and the true Venice can be tasted through its food. With this event you will have the possibility to experience both.

The name, Lagoon Moonlight, is inspired by the reflection of the moon on the water of the lagoon, which can be seen up close during a ride on a gondola. The evening starts with a gondola tour of 30″ from the “stazio” (gondola station) of St. Marks (calle Vallaresso) through the Venetian canals and ends at Taverna La Fenice. There the guests will enjoy a refined meal catered by the chef of the restaurant whose philosophy is to select the best local ingredients to prepare dishes from the Venetian Lagoon’s culinary tradition. During the four-course seated dinner the guests will enjoy a performance by our artists.

Dress Code: costume
If you need a costume visit the Atelier Tiepolo

Full program of the Venice Carnival in Costume™ 2015:

Moonlight Reflection, photo: Chris Bickford

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