1797 The last Carnival… so was rumored by the Venetian streets when Napoleon, arriving from the sea, entered the city that nobody ever had been able to conquer.

He introduced a new fashion: free women and men without white wigs and crinolines.

The rich Venetians who welcomed him dismissed the large court clothing to follow the new manner, while the faithful to the Old Republic did not abandon the silks, the damasks, and the world famous brocades!

But the year after everybody got together in the square, wearing “Bauta” and celebrating the  crazy party that is Carnival! And so will we!

Mayan predict our last carnival, and with them, Cagliostro, Nostradamus, Cassandra and Circe!

Tarot cards, dandies and comedians will be therefore waiting for you in the splendid halls of Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista by 8 pm on February 16th, for a eighteenth-century party full of change and entertainment!
Incroyable, Mervelleuses? Or defenders of the ancien régime?
Flea or new fashions?
Baroque libertines and serious revolutionaries will be dining at the same table to the sound of music by Mozart, waiting together for the end of the world served by waiters in livery!

Entry with costume € 350.00, includes:
eighteenth-century dress rental, dinner served at the table by waiters in livery, live music after dinner.

Entrance only € 220.00, includes:
dinner served at your table by waiters in livery, live music after dinner.


Dress in theme with the party (second half of the eighteenth century) required.

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