16 December 2010

The association was founded with the aim of protecting and promoting this great vine species in memory of the eminent Professor Luigi Manzoni, who worked with dedication and steadfastness on an important research project that made a fundamental contribution to the development of wine making in our local area. The vines created by Professor Manzoni, the former head of the “Cerletti” agriculture and oenology school in Conegliano Veneto, are now by definition some of the most important native species in the Province of Treviso.
Participating in the event will be eight producers that are members of the Confraternity: Casa Roma of San Polo di Piave (TV) at Via Ormelle 19, Vigna del Sol of Negrisia near Ponte di Piave (TV) at Via San Romano 63, Bonotto delle Tezze of Tezze near Vazzola (TV) at Via Duca d’Aosta 16, Walter Nardin of Roncadelle near Ormelle (TV) at Via Fontane 5, Le Magnolie of Negrisia near Ponte di Piave (TV), Italo Cescon of Roncadelle near Ormelle (TV) at Piazza dei Caduti 3, Az. agr. Conte Collalto of Susegana (TV) and Le Vigne Morosina of Cessalto (TV) at Via Palù 17.
Present at the event will be the journalist and food and wine writer Giampiero Rorato to comment on the historical elements, the oenologist Luciano Vettori for the technical part and Fabio Guerra for gastronomic contributions.
With the additional aim of promoting “Venice: Wine Capital”, for 2 weeks the Bar and Restaurant of the Bistrot will be offering Incrocio Manzoni wines at a “flat rate” in order to spread awareness and encourage tasting of their excellent, typical qualities. We would be delighted to welcome you and let you enjoy these marvellous tasting opportunities.
Coordinators: Umberto Perissinotto and Sergio Fragiacomo
With the support of the Italian Wine Sommeliers’ Association – Venice

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